Monday, 13 May 2019

Stalingrad, Russian factory at Carronade 2019

Hi all

Many thanks to everyone who came and chatted and took photos of our game. Our game was very well received by the Carronade audience.

Well... this is some pictures and a game report. But to begin... this is what we did prior to the big day...
As you can see its a big game. With lots of detail. The large building represents hall 6 at Stalingrad. Its a 2ft mdf kit which we completely reworked into 6 foot long, with additional enterances, new windows (3d printed), with 28mm sizes brick paper pasted onto the mdf walls. All scratch built. Trust were made for the roof. Then Russian WW2 posters, weathering, pipework, electrical wire runs etc. were all added to make it authentic.

Internally we 3d printed lathes, drill presses, turning machines and even toilets! Boilers were scatch built and roofs made from corrigated iron pictures scaled down and pasted onto cardboard (all cut edges were then painted rust). Brick scatter was made by cutting up thousands of matchsticks and then painting them. Chimneys are all pipes with papered scale brick. Some cut up to match the scene of Stalingrad. At this point I would also say that the book Island of Fire is a great referance source.

This picture below shows the level of detail we went to create the right look...with lathes and drilling machines on the right.and top left.

All vehicles and equipment were accurately represented (T34's, KV, 57mm anti tank guns, Ampulants (flamethrowers), Gaz trucks. For the Germans ...Pz4, Pz3, Sig33, Sig33a, Nebelwefer, Opel Blitz (+ a Maultier), Kubelwagen, Famo, Sdkfz7 etc.). Most are 3d printed. All troops are represented in the unforms of the period. Due to the scale we used about 120 Russians (120 casualities), 120 Germans a mix of Pioneers and Early war troops (120 casualities). All troops are on clear bases to blend into the mat/terrain.

So we packed up the lot and headed for Falkirk, Scotland...


The 6ft x 8ft playing board. Main hall (right), Power plant  (just in front of the crane on left). Then on the left upper side some workers building. The Germans started on the left edge moving across to the right.

The power plant has a hopper and as you can see in the photo below we even made a grab for the crane.  

The Germans started their attack from the crane end supported by two Sig33.

The Sig 33 pound the factory wallls, and inner building.

The Sig barrage almost hit a spectator LOL....well nearly.

At the water tower end at the same time a nebelwefer and Pz3 send in a barrage, supported by HMG fire.

The Russians return fire with Katuska (war thunder). This keeps the Germans in the centre at bay.

The Russian generals plan their defense (they are actually using a scale version of the actual Barikady area map).

Germans enter the sewer... This adds a new dimension - but they need to roll a six to get out at the correct place!

German casualities being moved to a cart.

The German transport in the street.

The German command in a 3d Famo.

Awaiting their orders...behind a building.

 The Sigs continue their barrage (3d printed Sigs). 

A good picture of the bricks !....made from matchsticks.

Russians (at the water tower end) have anti tank, maxim, and a 120mm mortor (which proved hard to take out)

The explosion looks effective...and the medic is in the thick of it.

See below for close up...
A medic treats the wounded.
 Some Russians move forward...under cover of a second round of Katuska firing.

The crane looks good in this picture

Walking through the rubble....


 Some pack horses and a Gaz truck suprise (with quad maxim) parked in the lower corner(water tower end).

 Here they come again...PZ3 starts rolling forward.

 Two Stug's appear (with more troop support to the centre).

A Russian second line starts to appear around factory enterance...(water tower end)

Above and Below...The quad maxim causes a .... well a bit of an impact. 

Outnumber... a Russian looks on. The grey boilers are scratch built.

Stug ahoy.

No man's land is now a Greman occupied area.

Stugs move across centre with hanomag and troops.

You can see  the Russian on the inside maning the front windows and guarding the enterance.

Below - You can see the troops in between lathes...

Outside the enterance a Sig take out the 45mm KABOOM. With HMG support and the numbers the Russians fall.

This enterance is is now only defended from the inside...

The Sig 33 moves in KV fires and misses then the Sig returns fire with devestating hit..

In the middle section Stugs (with troop support) are about to come in through a side wall...

The building roof looks great in this shot !

and this guy looks very calm in his vehicle!

Meanwhile its hand to hand at the enternce

Charge !

Theres a lot of Germans pouring in...

Above - a German officer observers...

The first Stug is in and a Russian goes for it!

 Get that turrent on quick !LOL

A good shot of the battle inside.

 Hand to hand ... clash


At the end of the day the toilet block is the only ground held by the Russians!

It was a great game and I hope everyone enjoys the pictures...if you like it please leave a comment. 


  1. Wow. It looks amazing. Fantastic details in all of the terrain. The broken bricks everywhere works really well. I had to keep reminding myself I was looking at a model and not stills from Enemy At The Gate!

  2. LOL Thanks F of GH. we did view that movie as part of reseach a few times. It was good to see the finished game out and ready for action. Glad you like it. Keep on painting and playing...

  3. Fantastic Game. It was my first port of call after selling stuff at the Flea market and lunch. Fantastic work as always. Great amount of detail to look at and I was very impressed by the attention to detail. Loved the 3D printed stuff and of course all the matchstick bricks. Amazing job guys and impressive since there are only two of you. Looking forward to future shows and future projects. Cheers Stephen.

    1. Thanks Stephen, really glad you liked it. I hope to see you at our next outing...Glasgow G3 event. We are putting on the Omaha beach game...

  4. Do you mind if we link to this from the Carronade Website?

  5. Yes, no problem linking it to the Carronade site...cheers Genom