Monday, 1 July 2019

Glasgow Show - Omaha Beach

Well yesterday was a great day of gaming.  We took Omaha to the first Glasgow Games Gathering show by G3 in Bellahouston Sports centre.

At the start of the day we set up the game and prepared for battle...


The Germans confidently stand on top of the trench to view the on coming LC's ...

The troops are loaded into the landing craft...
The beach is already lively

Guys pour out of the Landing Craft ...the MG42's open fire...

A lucky German  mortar hit on a landing  takes out  some of the troops others wade to the shoreline.

Sherman DD'S are half scratch built.. the blue foam chassis with a Warlord Sherman turrent. The canvas sides are plasticard with tissue paper and plastic tube supports.(once on shore I exchange for a Sherman chasis with wheels!).

The next shot Shermans  swim in...

I got a DD tank (with the cape collapsed)  

This is is a good shot of the entire beach...

Along shoreline picture.

Germans man their positions

Germans are throwing grenades at the shoreline 

The MG42 open fire again

Bangalores are attached to the Belgium Gate by engineers...

Some guys make it to  the sea wall and stop.

You can see groups gathered behind the Belgium gate.
Some more troops arrive and they are quickly heading for the cliff face

More Sherman tanks arrive... but look at the shore bunkers - 2 off board artillery shots and tank fire take there toll. Some lucky dice rolls also take out the forward trenches. But they are quickly re enforced.

I got a Sherman with a mortar at the 
base of the picture.
The Shermans punch gaps into the sea wall....the troops storm through.

Half tracks speed forward from a massive LCV5... 
Everything in the picture above is scatch built from plasticard and spare mdf. Identification numbers on the ships are taken from actual records and photos.
The Germans are about to be overwhelmed, the loss of the bunkers so early in the game is making it difficult.

Forward German reenforcements are wiped out. This is an unlucky position! This position was hit and later enforced 3 times during the game.

Two Shermans make a run up the road - the Germans get one with panzerfaust ....but one makes it to the end.
Medic waves his helmet to attract a stretcher team.

The GI!'s are now in that unlucky trench. ..

Troops are getting through...weight of numbers prevail.

These pictures are classic ...Saving Private Ryan specials...

In this picture you can see the engineers with bagalores, and medic treating a casalty on board. 

Medic treats wounded on the Higgins boat.

Beach is lively

Troops climb the cliff on both sides now with half tracks for covering fire. I just don't have the German troops left to hold a line!
Those 3rd and 5th Rangers are real handy.

It was a great day of gaming but a few lucky rolls at the start for the American side hit and limited my options hard. 

And thanks to Joe for the video...

So thanks to G3 Glasgow gaming group for a great first show. Well done. The Glasgow  wargame show is back.

Lastly just a special note of thanks to Dougie for donating 40 off 28mm Russians for our Stalingrad game....cheers much appreciated.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Omaha goes to G3 Gamers big event.

So just a quick post to say the G3 Glasgow Game Group are having their first Glasgow Wargames Show on the 29th June at Bellahouston Leisure Centre.

Glasgow Warhogs will be there showing the Omha beach game (WN72) as support.

So if WW2 beach landings is your thing - come along and say hello. Some pisctures below of what to expect...