Saturday, 15 February 2020

The beginning.of a game....

So we had an idea about the next game...we thought let's change theatre to...the Pacific.

But the beach we want to play has some pretty strange looking vehicles on it (if your not familiar with theatre!).Yes we talking Landing Vehicle tracked.

But here's our problem Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT) were used more specifically mark 1's. Most company's like Rubicon or Warlord only start at LVT1 A. Which is the armoured and longer version of the LVT1.

So out came Tinkercad.  

The picture below shows our version of the LVT 1 with a 3d printed next to a LVT 2

Still needs some firepower on the front.

Any guess where we are heading yet ????? (guesses welcome the comments section)

So here what ended up with...
So this is a 3d print with some US Marines on board. Looks ok..I think..

So we got some Rubicon stuff as well back row right 3. 

We also did two waterline versions...with troops made from either cut back Warlord Marine torso's and green stuff. The pics a little blurry sorry! But you get the idea.

Any guesses on that beach yet...

More pics to follow as we build the forces over the next months...

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Targe 2019

So here we are at the Targe wargame show Nov 9th 2019...
our table is Stalingrad, the Barrikaddy factory. It's the biggest we have ever done 12 foot X 6 playing surface.

Players taking there places for a busy day. Russians on the left, Germans on the right.

Left to right...Germans deployed on the nearest the large mill and destroyed workers housing.

Russians are in on the other long side with the  two smaller factorys and the massive factory 5ft long.
The Russians (top of pic) are facing two Stugs at each end of the table, two Sig 33 open deck, a Nebelwarfer, and Pz4 in the middle, a covered Sig 33, and a  Pz4 at the power station/crane end(right of picture).

Russians have two Kv,s, three war thunder rocket launchers,  a Gaz truck mounted 75mm., and an anti tank gun.

There are also lots of prime movers and transport.Including Famos, opal blitzes, Gaz trucks etc. etc.With about 200 troops per side.

All vehicles are  3d prints (except two), all lathes, mills and windows for large factory etc. All building are scratch built apart from three kits which were completely re done. Approx. 6,000 bricks cut from matchsticks.painted, paper picutres of corrigated iron was pasted to cardboard and edges painted. Cork was also painted ad used to add to the rubble look. All walls are covered in paper barick and floors had paper concrete applied. 3 Deep Cut mats were used. Troops are all on clear bases (for go anywhere).

An open German Sig 33 gets ready to rubble the factory...

We 3d  printed ALL our vehicles  except two.

Germans take up positions.

Russians prepare for battle. Lathes are all 3d printed. Factory is scratch built with 3d printed windows, and mdf covered brick paper. ...and lots of hand cut matches for rubble. Corrugated roof tiles are paper and cardboard.

Russians sit tight and keep their heads down.

A cautious German General sits and waits to see the effect of off board artillery before advancing. 

 At the crane side the Germans use coal stacks for cover.

Russians bring up the big kv tank.

A previously downed stuka blocks the movement.

A vast gap for infantry to cross.The water tower (with Barrikaddy in Russian lettering.).

More Germans deploy in the centre.

Power plant is on the top right of the picture.

 A good shot of a 3d printed famo in cover.

This is half of the 3d printed German casualties.

And the Germans make the first move...

Germans are pushing through the power plant area.

Germans use the power plant for cover.

The rubble looks great here.

Here the come...

All of the factories have full interiors.

This picture shows you scale of the large factory...that's 28mm T34s on the right and a kv tank in the centre.

Four Russians get ready to fight. Note the extra weapons on the rear tables.

The height is seen here with troops moving forward below the chimney stack.

You can see 3 off  T34's sitting against the rear wall...

Observing German officer.

 The railway line is damaged..

 A close assault takes out a German Stug.

 A kv 2  tank is hit..

A 120mm mortar tries to hold the charge.


 A German shell hole takes another hit.

Germans use shell holes for cover.

 A Russian anti tank sits waiting on another stug.

 Russian HQ issues orders.

 A mortar in the warehouse with a Molotov cocktail.

Get Ready...

A good shot of a stug.on the move.

 German lose a stug 33.

 A Pz 3 comes knocking on a wall in the centre with troop support.

Pz tank is knocking through the wall on the right.

 Lots of Germans coming across the open  ground.

A good picture of the broken rail track. This was done by extendeding the centre of a track and using polyfiller and rubble to make it look blasted.....with bent rails.

 Pnz 3 in in the factory. Near the toilet block.

 The upper floor was continuely my hit by nebelwafer rockets...and lucky dice rolls.

 A Russian close assaults a stug and takes it out...but at a cost.

 The crane side is full on...and Russians are being reduced.

 Russian enters the sewers.

 Inside a T-34 waits for a turret.

The top landing of the office is chaos, every Russian has been hit.

Reenforcements arriving at the ladder are to late with the Germans now at the top of the ladder (on the left).

A Russian prime mover is hit.

 A Stug waits for infantry support to take out the russian anti tank right.

A HMG team cover the German advance.

You can just make out the 4 Germans in the rubble..

A Russian hero takes out a Stug in a close assault. 

More and More come across the open ground.

At the end of the day the Germans have a Panzer in the factory. But only a minor number of troops. Russians are beiing reduced in number in the large hall but still hold the upper small areas.

So at the end of the day the Russians are still fighting in the factories but the weight of German troops and armour support looks fatal.

A great gaming day out. Special thanks to all the support team.
We picked up a few second prizes and had a good laugh.

Thanks to the Kinniemuir club for hosting a great day.