Sunday, 29 April 2018

Getting T'eeed up for Targe 2018

So in preparation for the Targe show 2018 we have printed some T34s for the Stalingrad Factory game.
3D printed T34,s these have the older chassis with boxes on the back, one with a replacement turret and a couple of replaced wheels.

These take about 24 hours to print.

And also some off board artillery...
203mm Russian Howitzer a resin model from heer46. 

Also as the factory is 5ft long...more boxes and clutter...we're printed to use the end of the pla spool...

This picture shows the difference between the 3d print and the resin model.  Much more detail on the resin. But an ok 3d print....


  1. The 203mm is impressive!

  2. Yes it's a very detailed kit ... but I did a 3d print which was similar in size but not as detailed. My only issue now is crew these gun had lots of crew...thanks for the comment.