Friday, 20 January 2023

28mm Marine

28mm Marine Landing Force

So some people are asking me just how big is the scale of troops and equipment that I will be using for our WW2 Pacific Game. So with that in mind (and just for a laugh) I tried to layout my 28mm USMC landing Force on a coffee table. 

I quickly found out my table was about half the size I needed so I did it in two sections hardware / support vehicles and then troops.

I also tried to keep troops in rows of ten to make counting them easier and to line up similar hardware / support vehicles!

I also made two quick videos to to get a feel for the scope of the USMC

Video link...      showing a short video of the table.


So this was what the hardware support vehicles look like on the table.

1st row : 4 off Damaged Shermans, 5 off Shermans, 3 Stuarts, 2 off Sherman (M32 recovery tank)

2nd row: Damaged Shermans, Dinghy's, 4 off  LVT 2, 1 half track, Exploding LVT1

3rd row: 2 LVT1s in the water, 8 off LVT1 damage markers 

4th row: 8 LVT in the water, 3 LVT1's in shallow water, 2 LVT dame markers

5th Row 8 off LVT1's on land,  LVT damage marker , 2 off DUKW's

6th Row 3 off Higgins LCVP, 1 off Higgins LCVP casualty maker  

28mm Marine

                                         The volume now look a little insane! LOL...somebody stop me!

28mm USMC

28mm USMC
                                                                          LVT 2's

LV T 1

28mm Tarawa

Left: LVT1 on the land and (middle) the approaching equivalent in the sea. White numbers were very roughly marked on the original vehicles -so I tried to keep it similar.

28mm Tarawa
Swimming Sherman (the USMC did not use DD's nor Snorkel kits at Tarawa)

Tanks on Tarawa
You can see the 5 Sherman tanks all have their own names as per the originals on Tarawa with the dancing elephant (Celina, Cherry,  Count etc.).

So onto the troops...approx. 500+
Top left: Marines, casualty markers
Middle: Heavy Weapons: mortars, HMG, Flamethrowers 
Bottom left: Beach wading Marines, sea casualty markers   

28mm Marine

28mm Iwo Jiwa
Is that John Wayne (AKA "SgtStryker" from the "Sands of Iwo Jima" ) in the front of these guys? 

28mm USMC

28mm USMC

Below: view of this section from above
28mm Iwo Jiwa

Casualty markers for the game
28mm Iwo Jiwa

Sea causality markers for the game
28mm Tarawa

Below middle: Heavy weapons - mortars, HMG flamethrowers etc.
28mm Tarawa

Sea wading marines

Here they come! 
As you can imagine we are going to need at least 2 or 3 players on each side of the gaming table and a quick play rule set!

28mm Tarawa

So all I need to do now is to pack it all away... where's that foam tray!

As usual with our hobby once you start... well its hard to stop and you end up with a storage problem!


Tuesday, 17 January 2023

28mm Marine Heavy Weapons

 So after re-enforcing the 28mm Japanese with mortars and Heavy Machine Gun's (previous post) - I thought I would just do the same for the landing Marines.

                                You can see our first full Pacific game video by clicking here...

So I did the same method... Warlord plastic spues with the metal mortars. The good thing was I managed to find some nice clear discs (50mm Diameter x 2mm and 1mm thick) on eBay for their bases. This will allow the USMC to move from the beach to grass/jungle areas with more blended base. I also wanted something that would take the metal mortars and any accessories.

So here how it turned out. 

Five new Mortar Teams and two flamethrowers.(and I already have one Mortar team). By making them two man teams I was able to use 2 USMC warlord spues and maximise the quantity.

28mm Mortar

I placed some boxes and weapons around them and added some rounds into their hands.

28mm Mortar

Some Tarawa maps as well...

Not too sure about this guys smile - looks a bit crazy...
US flamethrower

and just because I then had some spare parts...I did some more wading Marines for the beach.

So these are all green stuff and spare parts. You could place them in trenches but I need lots of waders to assault the beach.

Below: He has that stare! need to maybe re-paint those eyes LOL

Here they come!

So... that's the USMC good to go! 
I might try to get a picture of everything so  I can see the entire USMC landing force.

I really like the idea of fleshing out the troop support with some odd spues and single weapons - you can then get more bang for you buck that way!

Monday, 2 January 2023

28mm Japanese Bunkers 3


So Santa's been and left me some nice assemble and paint. I hope you all got presents from him. 

I got a few new Warlord Japanese (SNLF) and US Marines plastic spues, 8 medium mortars (for my Marines and Japanese), 4 Japanese HMG's and a field office set. 

The Assault Group produce really good individual weapons - they provided the mortars and HMGs.  Its a great great way to supplement/support your armies. I also got several figure packs from them via Santa! 

The build to date is looking like this..

28mm Japanese HMG and mortar position with all the usual foliage added I went a little larger than normal just to give it some table space.

28mm Japanese Bunker

It has a nice low profile but I did hide a couple of magnets in there ground cover (middle and far left) just in case I would like a few palm trees (with magnets) added later.

The mortar from the rear.

The HMG has a nice low profile well protected look.

So next up I then mounted some (3 off) smaller support teams (made from a mix of plastic and metal figures) onto mdf circles to offer a variety of options.

                             Pictures below of the back two teams...


This ammo needs a dark wash - but you get the idea. 

I also acquired the 70mm mountain gun for support. 

I placed the range finder at the side.

and I then had enough parts for two more HMGs teams...


The team bellow are re-deploying/carrying the HMG ( I have still to assemble it) - but just to let you see them!

I also got 4 flamethrowers for my SNLF from Santa.

So a great Christmas haul - the SNLF will be in the region on 90 Figures now and with these additions quiet a strong force.
I cannot wait to see them on a table - and speaking of tables.

We have been given the go ahead for a  " 28mm Tarawa" table at 
 Carronade 2023. Falkirk District Wargames Show .
On Saturday, May 13, 2023 at Graeme High School Callander Road. Falkirk FK1 1S.

Which should be a great show - so come along and say hello!

So its been a great wee holiday - next stop finish these off and then onto the US Marines and those Mortars!

Saturday, 19 November 2022

28mm Japanese Bunker 2

 I had a few hours to spare and so I thought I would try another machine gun bunker for our Pacific game. 

You can see our first full Pacific game video by clicking here...


28mm Japanese Bunker

So I bought a set of mdf 2mm bases from Etsy and got out the blue foam and hot wire cutter.


 This blue foam (about 50mm thick) was cut to the same outline shape and painted.

So I then cut in a shallow centre for the bunker...using the wire cutter. 
Just as if they had dug it out between two rocky / jungle hills. Like a saddle effect/shape.

I used a little engraver (I don't have a Dremel)  to shape the blue foam into wooden logs and removed the bottom section to allow me to place the gun slit and the HMG and 3 japs inside. I also made a log door to the rear.

Then out came the plastic aquarium plants, flock, static grass,  clump foliage,, cork chips, sand and reeds. 

In fact everything was thrown at it! 

Plants were lightly dusted / painted with other colours to make it more realistic. 

Japanese Bunker

I also placed in 2 magnets into the base (using no more nails) to allow removal / storage for a couple of palm trees. The trees also have magnets superglued onto the base.  

The trees are plastic but each tree is actually 2 (sometimes 3) trunks tall. 
We wanted these to look right so we doubled up the trunks with spare trees.


The magnets work well and are almost undetectable - in fact so good you need to move the tree trunk along the edge to find the magnet LOL.
Japanese Bunker

Japanese Bunker

Not a bad look for a half days work.

Japanese Bunker