Thursday, 16 June 2022

Tarawa 28mm

28mm Beach Obstacles - Tarawa 

After looking at our test game - I went back and re-covered the palm trees again with another wash to dull them down and added more grass to some of the features,  then added some more blue to the sea "shell" explosions. Its getting better.

One of the other things I had also found from more online research was that the Japanese used a "horned scully" which was basically an anti landing  was a mound of concrete and coral with iron beams sticking out. Some were encased in palm tree trunks.  

So just to add a little to the beach detail  I did some of these....

So I started with some bamboo skewers and starting cutting them up... 

28mm Beach

This type had a cradle around it. So i mounted them onto clear plastic bases.

Grab it glue mixed with paint, cork and plastic girders
I might use half of these in the water... so out will come the grab-it adhesive and paint again!

                                                    Guy carrying USMC is just for scale.

Air Support

We also thought that for this game we would use some air we (actually Joe) built a 1.72 scale US Dauntless for some air cover. It was then mounted on a base with an telescopic mount on the bottom.  It actually turned out really cool and will feature as USMC beach support.  

The white number10 appears on the photos of the planes used at Tarawa.

28mm pacific

The magnet holding the plane to the stand can be adjusted - to make it look like its pulling up after dropping bombs on the enemy.

Now that's low level flying!28mm pacific

Sunday, 24 April 2022

28mm Tarawa Marine

 No one gets left behind!

I had fancied doing a casualty being carried to safety by another 28mm Marine for the Tarawa board. 

So I did some parts searching in the bit box and came up with enough parts. I would not be able to curve the body enough to go over the lifting marine - so i just used green stuff for the t the torso of the wounded guy. Some parts were already painted. 

They were all Warlord parts....paratroopers, marines and infantry.

28mm Marine
I placed the arms as high as i could and pulled them inward.

28mm Marine
The green stuff was easier to mould but i wanted the wounded guy to be holding on -almost to the belt.

I used a head without a helmet to make it seem like it had been left behind somewhere...

28mm Marine

So then I re-painted and washed, highlighted them. Then based with our clear home made base.
It reminds me of the movie Heartbreak Ridge

Finished guys looks ok on the table...bearing in mind the scale of the actual guys compared to this photo.
28mm Marine

So It looks ok and will add a bit of detail...

Monday, 7 March 2022

Pacific Wargame

 So we eventually got our mats and the Pacific game out for the first time - all in one layout. A tactical battle all on its own! Where is that box again....LOL

The idea was to test-out what works (rules and terrain wise) for the game. This is for our Tarawa Pacific game and we all thought it was impressive!.

Marines Pacific Bolt Action

So its planned for the Red Beach 1+2 area (where the large yellow arrow is below).

So we are using 3 deep cut mats (one sea, one beach, one jungle).12 foot x 6 foot in total.

You can see our full video by clicking here...

The mats looked great as our Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT1's) roll in at Tarawa.

Men and machines race to the  "palm tree" sea wall for cover. The Japanese now start shelling the beach.
Marines Pacific Bolt Action

Soon everyone is trying to find space!  We made up some 3d printed LVT1s with the tracks submerged into the water. the third one back you can just see the troops disembarking.The LVT white numbers are not stencilled because the actual photos show the a crude approach to the actual numbers...
Marines Pacific Bolt Action
The wading Marines are green stuff and spares on clear bases.

At the top end some Marines charge over the wall to the Japanese positions and it goes hand to hand.

Centre of the board is looking ok but Marines are awaiting more troops. Centre shows a mortar being deployed and a Bangalores get prepared for the sea wall.
Marines Pacific Bolt Action
The LVT have the troop inserts the troops have disembarked.

 Which is just as well as these guys at the top of the picture  (Centre other side) are just waiting for the underside of the LVT! to show over the sea wall.
28mm Jungle

                           Some guys bail out at the shallow water.28mm Jungle

More troops wade ashore under fire. 
28mm Jungle

There is a lot of action in the sea...with Landing Craft (Higgins) running aground... 
its then a long wet walk to the beach under fire.
28mm Tarawa

Its now all GO !
28mm Tarawa

I like this shot as it shows the blurred guys in the background.
28mm Tarawa

                       28mm LVT1

                        28mm LVT1

More troops unload onto the beach.

28mm LVT1

28mm LVT1
Casualties on the beach (on stretchers). Two guys next to them look at a map to try to locate where they are

"Pass me that canteen would you!"

Numbers pile up at the lower end of the sea wall.
28mm LVT1

Below: the centre
28mm LVT1

The Sherman (M4a2) in the centre makes it to the beach and starts to move inward. 
There are no Army white stars on the tanks - because they belong to the Navy!

Note the "prancing elephant" image on the side of China Girl! 
These were particular to the unit on this beach. We have six 3d printed Sherman's in total all with the correct unit badges and tank names.
The elephant decals took ages to get right. They were drawn at 4 times the scale, then transfered to decal paper, each tanks is unique.

The Sherman M4a2 breaks through and takes on a bunker..

The 3d printed coastal gun (at the top of the picture) is massive. We also printed the steel bunkers.
You can just make out two Japanese spider holes to the left of the steel bunker.

More LVTs now move forward over the blown up sea wall. Over the top...

This is "classsic" Tarawa If you google Tarawa pictures  you will see an LVT in this position.
28mm LVT1

This is from the Japanese viewpoint. You can see a spider hole trench at the steel bunker (bottom -centre of the picture).

Aflamethrower is used on bunker by a Marine

By the end of the day the Marines are over some of the wall and moving forward.

More and more plough forward.
28mm LVT1

More cross the sea wall

This is an up armoured version of the LVT1 - if you Google Tarawa LVT you will see the actual number 49 in the black and white pictures. Not all of the LVT used were field modified in this way. Basically an armour plate across the front and a shallow plate on the side. In the original Black and White pictures its strange that 49 has the star with the one point facing down (on the front) you can see here.
28mm LVT1

28mm LVT1
                         Wrecked Landing Vehicle Tracked LVT 1 are everywhere. 
28mm LVT1
A good gaming day was had by all with some good pictures.

We have some improvements to make...but it's starting to look good. I am going to wash the trees again and gloss the water effects again plus a little more foliage on some of the bunkers....

p.s.  If you haven't seen it might like our 28mm Stalingrad game on this blog.