Monday, 30 August 2021

28mm Jungle Terrain

 28mm Jungle Terrain

For our Pacific beach game I also found a small MDF hut/building. So to enhance it I cut up some bristles from an old paint brush and glued them onto the roof, drilled out some windows and put in some 3d printed shutters, then placed  more bristles on them, printed some chairs and a table...

The flag pole has a magnet on the base for storage.

28mm Jungle

Some propaganda posters were printed and added. I also raised the original kit onto some stilts to make it look better. Then had to add a ladder.
28mm Jungle Terrain

28mm Jungle Terrain
Above: If you look close enough on the map you might be able to see/guess which island we heading for  lol.


28mm Jungle Terrain
It turned out ok for a quick conversion of a mdf kit that was just lying around.

Also see our previous post on the Pacific.

Saturday, 26 June 2021

28mm Pacific

 28mm Pacific Game part 7

So our  new mats arrived and they look great (from Deep Cut in their mousemat material). So we placed some troops on one just for the photos.... we cannot wait to get a game on it.

 The beach mat is below.... we have two other mats (sea and grass) but I cannot show them as we have no table space big enough - we are not in a large hall yet.

28mm Pacific Bolt Action
We like the sand trails on the mat. Very effective.
The sea wall sections are still to have sand added to the slope. We didn't know what the sand mat colour would we just waited.

28mm jungle bolt action
The 3d printed LVT1's look good and clear scenery bases look good (apart from glare of light). The aquarium plants are cut and then hot glued and painted. We are also working on taller palm trees.

T28mm marine bolt action

The surf on the mat looks great and matches our wading Marines 
(we plan to game our way to the actual beach on this section of the game).

p.s. we have made up about 100 marine wading figures and about 90 water causality figures, with about another 100 (full body marine figures) for the actual beach. It should look good.

28mm Marine Bolt Action
This is unfinished (the sea wall) but I like how the (made of blue foam) sea wall looked after hot wiring and etching.  

28mm Marine
Really like the look of the clear bases - these are just punched from A4 plastic sheet.

28mm Japanese Bolt Action
This is just some of the hand to hand guys we have made for close assaults.

28mm Jungle Terrain
I think the tropical look of the plastic plants, lichen, cork and clump foliage works for our 28mm. These were still to be weathered and highlighted but you can see the effect. 

28mm Marine
We will have LVT1's at different depths / heights to match the mat position. Above some Marines climb out.

28mm Jungle terrain
The beach boys...

We have a few LVT1 s unloading. Marines in the shallower water are waist to knee in it. Others are in it up to chest but will be further from the shore.

Pacific 28mm
 With some of our LVTs exploding - these blend into the mats nicely.

Black and white has a feel all in its own.. 

28mm Jungle terrain
I also like the undulating sand effect on the mat. Nice mats Deep Cut. We can't wait to play!!

We just need to sort out the rest of the tropical scenery.

Saturday, 5 June 2021

28mm Pacific Part 6

 So this is a quick post to let you all know how our 28mm WW2 Pacific game is progressing.

                           28mm Pacific

   Above : An LVT1 enters the danger zone !

We thought about the mats for the game....our "go too" place is Deep Cut. Their mats are really great. We have used the Cobblestone mouse mats for our Stalingrad game. They just sit really well - very  flat. Really good to look at.  So we have now ordered the "Waterworld" and "Beach" mats (with a little help / donation from Donald -you know who you are!).. We already have a DC grass mat. This means we will have access to three 6 x 4 foot mats to play on. Totalling a play area 12 x 6 foot.

.Below: one of the three Deep Cut mats we will be using.

I can't wait to see these mats and get some figures on them - they look tremendous.

We started also looking for some jungle landscape and foliage. This was quite a quest... most of the ready made commercial kit is expensive and we need a lot. So this lead us down the fish tank root! 

So looking around we found something at the correct height and bought some samples (approx. £5 for a 12 inch sq. grid) for testing..

We bought two sheets of aquarium you can see from the picture its plastic turfs set onto a mesh grid.

              28mm Jungle

The turfs can be pulled out of the grid.  Each turf can then be cut into 4 separate turfs.


After it was cut up we then needed to fix it back to an upright position again. To do this we went back to our clear bases (made from thin (2mm) clear A4 acetate sheets).  We could even just cut larger sections too give a jungle feel but keep a movement for vehicles and troops.. 

The cut up clumps were then hot glued onto the clear bases, then the hot glue painted over with green!

We then sourced some "cake decorations" for our Palm Trees - these were the most cost effective ones we could fine. These are also hot glued onto larger free cut bases of varying shapes with the grass clumps added.. 

p.s. the red digestive biscuits in the background are an essential accessory LOL.  

28mm Jungle

                                    28mm jungle scenery

The scale is ok (28mm figure) but our trees could be slightly larger but being plastic they are very durable and robust. Also we have made lots of additional larger palm trees with pipe cleaners and paper to supplement for the height - see previous posts.  

We even put some bunkers together with thin wooden dowels and hot glue. Then weathered and added some foliage. 

We also 3d printed the typical armoured Japanese pillboxes and added some foliage to blend them -a little. 

With the larger pieces...we made some "gaps" so that troops could be placed in the grass cover/ambush.

28mm Jungle

28mm Pacific
The overall effect is cool. But I cannot wait to see these on the DC mats. We can cover about 4x2 foot. with the £25 pounds worth of jungle kit - at this density. So we may need more but I think this is a great alternative to the off the shelf stuff. 

28mm Marine

This looks ok even before we paint wash the grass. 

I also had some left over US Marine spare parts but had no torso/ the green stuff came out. 

28mm Marines

Thought we might need a medic!
Pacific Wargame

More pics to follow...

We also order up our "pop up" banner for any shows we will attend...they are pricey (so thanks to The  Learning Zone our sponsor). 

I just ordered ... £24 worth of plastic aquarium plants....and I don't have any fish! and my tank a Sherman! LOL  I will post some pics when they arrive.

As usual if you have any spare US or JAP spare parts (helmets, weapons etc.) and wish to donate them - just PM us at


Thursday, 15 April 2021

28mm WW2 Pacific Part 5

 So this is another part of the US Pacific campaign game - built in the boredom of lockdown. 

I 3d printed another few LVT1's and put some marines around them...

28mm Pacific

Wading marines were "chopped" to suit the water levels.

Pacific 28mm

Below: The blown up LVT before was printed at an angle to the back then tilted to the stuff used to fix in place the sticks with white cotton. Then spray painted.

Troops were added but made to look like they were falling backwards...
1:56 Pacific

Bolt Action Pacific

Black and white picture looks different!

Pacific 28mm

Reminder - if you have any spare 28mm US heads, gear etc please email us if you want to donate them. 

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

28mm Pacific WW2 - part 4


We decided to place a 6x4 sea mat in front of our beach (for our next game). This meant increasing the number of waterline craft. We have 4 Higgins boat's already but needed more transport...

P.S. If anyone has any spare 28mm US heads please let us know (e mail ;) -and we will give them a good home.

So here is the final part of the US Marine beach landing force...28mm scale. 3d printed.


These are our Landing Vehicle Tracked LVT1 ...   5 off full size (for on the beach), 2 off (plus 1 still printing) for near the shore line and 7 off waterline versions.  White Numbers are still to be added to some of the LVTS at this point. Waterline and near shore versions have the wave effects.

I also had to buy another batch of plastic Warlord US Marines for use as HMG gunners. Thats me up to about 5 boxes of troops!  But this also allowed me to fill the LVT waterline versions with half  guys (made from green stuff and extra bits, arms heads etc.).

The waterline LVT's are 3d printed and a plastic clear base added to allow water effects. The water is a cheap white grab glue teased with cocktail sticks to form waves. Then painted.

LVT 2 top left. All rest are 1,s All are placed onto bases.


In the picture below you can see (from left) LVT1 ...a wrecked rear section, a full size wreck on its side, a waterline version and lastly a full beach ready model. Not seen in this picture is a shore line version with water covering half the tracks. This means we will have a vehicle to replicate all parts of the landing.


The wrecked LVT 1 was tilted by myself on its side in the xyz software package.

Above the actual result printed one (tilted on its side) in the printer ( I really need new bed tape!). This model still has the supports attached.. you can see the painted one below in the middle of the picture.

Above: wrecked LVT 1 variations for game play.  If one is hit we can replace it with these models.

In the above picture the LVT2 waterline version can be seen top left. 

I did the same (water / height) effect with some of the 3d printed Shermans. Also did two Sherman causalities and two waterline versions. (see previous posts on the Sherman build). 
This is because the Sherman tanks also had to ' swim ashore ' in our Tarawa game.

And the Japanese have usual we used clear bases.

Below... a Flamethrower trooper variation modelled onto Warlord figures with a scratch built flame thrower.
We punch the bases out of clear A4 sheet. Figures are glued to the base with a 2 part epoxy.

 We have used the Warlord Games Japanese Imperial Infantry and Japanese Marine boxes..
So that's were we are to date...its been a busy Christmas period   producing the next game.
When we get to actually PLAY the next game is another different question....
your comments most welcome. See our other posts for the US troops.

Below- This was a last minute thought.. I separated the LVT1 into two sections using the 3d software ... then tilted both sides by 30 degrees to make it look like it was forced into the water. Then added cocktail sticks using green stuff. 
It looks a little messy but bare with me. Its all stuck down to a base.

Then I added some Marines and cotton stuffing. Which was then spray painted.  
LVT1 28mm

LVT1 28mm

LVT1 28mm
The water was added with glue and painted

 The 30 degree angle looks cool - as if it it is being pushed downward. On the right you can just see the ammo boxes are added - and the top one is siding off the LVT.
LVT1 28mm

End result was ok.
Comments welcome.

P.S. If anyone has any spare 28mm US heads please let us know (e mail;) -and we will give them a good home.