Tuesday, 12 January 2021

28mm Pacific WW2 - part 4


We decided to place a 6x4 sea mat in front of our beach (for our next game). This meant increasing the number of waterline craft. We have 4 Higgins boat's already but needed more transport...

So here is the final part of the US Marine beach landing force...28mm scale. 3d printed.


These are our Landing Vehicle Tracked LVT1 ...   5 off full size (for on the beach), 2 off (plus 1 still printing) for near the shore line and 7 off waterline versions.  White Numbers are still to be added to some of the LVTS at this point. Waterline and near shore versions have the wave effects.

I also had to buy another batch of plastic Warlord US Marines for use as HMG gunners. Thats me up to about 5 boxes of troops!  But this also allowed me to fill the LVT waterline versions with half  guys (made from green stuff and extra bits).

The waterline LVT's are 3d printed and a plastiic clear base added to allow water effects. The water is a cheap white grab glue teased with cocktail sticks to form waves. Then painted.

LVT 2 top left. All rest are 1,s All are placed onto bases.


Below we can see (from left) LVT1 ...a wrecked rear section, a full size wreck on its side, a waterline version and lastly a full beach ready model. Not seen in this picture is a shore line version with water covering half the tracks. This means we will have a vehicle to replicate all parts of the landing.


The wrecked LVT was tilted by myself on its side in the xyz software package.

Above the actual result printed one (tilted on its side) in the printer (need new bed tape!). This model still has the supports attached.. you can see the painted one below in the middle of the picture.

Above: wrecked LVT 1 variations for game play.  If one is hit we can replace it with these models.

In the above picture the LVT2 waterline version can be seen top left. 

I did the same effect with some of the 3d printed Shermans. Also did two Sherman causalities and two waterline versions. (see previous posts on the Sherman build). The Sherman tanks also had to ' swim ashore ' in our game.

And the Japanese have arrived...as usual we used clear bases.

Below... a Flamethrower trooper variation modelled onto Warlord figures with a scratch built flame thrower.
We punch the bases out of clear A4 sheet. Figures are glued to the base with a 2 part epoxy.

 We have used the Warlord Games Japanese Imperial Infantry and Japanese Marine boxes..
So that's were we are to date...its been a busy Christmas period   producing the next game.
When we get to actually PLAY the next game is another different question....
your comments most welcome. See our other posts for the US troops.

Below- This was a last minute thought.. I separated the LVT1 into two sections using the 3d software ... then tilted both sides by 30 degrees to make it look like it was forced into the water. Then added cocktail sticks using green stuff. 
It looks a little messy but bare with me. Its all stuck down to a base.

Then I added some Marines and cotton stuffing. Which was then spray painted.  
LVT1 28mm

LVT1 28mm

LVT1 28mm
The water was added with glue and painted

 The 30 degree angle looks cool - as if it it is being pushed downward. On the right you can just see the ammo boxes are added - and the top one is siding off the LVT.
LVT1 28mm

End result was ok.
Comments welcome.

Saturday, 14 November 2020

28mm Pacific WW2 - part 3

Pacific 28mm - Part 3

I spotted a bargain on e bay...£8 for a bunch of spare US Infantry parts (heads, arms etc.). for our Pacific game we plan to have US Marines wading into shore.

So here is how the project went...

I first took some green stuff and moulded it into a half upper body then added some arms and weapons then a head, then added packs etc. I then undercoated it, painted it, dipped it with a wash, dry brushed to highlight and finished the faces and packs using a nice thin insane detail brush from Games Workshop.

And here's the finished look 

28mm Pacific


The e- bay bargain buy of bits...

The bases are clear to allow them to blend into the mat or board. 
US 28mm Pacific

You can get a good few "half guys" using this principle and its cheap. 

We also use casualty markers on the beach when playing - to trace our efforts during the game. I therefore also made up some water casualty markers. 
28mm pacific

The extra arms, heads etc.  fit the purpose.
28mm WW2 Pacific

You can smooth out the green stuff before it gets hard. But just make sure the arms sit at the right height and blend to the body. If your good with green stuff you can try adding back packs, bed rolls etc.

I now have around 60 new troop markers. 

                             28mm pacific

Next I tried out some water shell splashes. So I drilled some bases to take cocktails sticks added some white grab glue and pulled it out to add movement. They turned out ok. So I then thought I'll add some green stuff half guys. This is the result.

28mm pacific

So  we now have bout 60 markers/waders and 30 causalities. 
28mm pacific

 So we also recently bought a few editions of Wargames Illustrated for the free spue frame for our Pacific game I will post some pics APAP. The extra spues are to be used for hand to hand fighting vignettes and medical corpsmen.

Pacific wargame
The hand to hand stuff...

Pacific wargame

28mm Pacific wargame
Whaalop !!

Pacific wargame

Pacific wargame 28mm
Some old school Sword against machete (and bayonet!)..

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

28mm Pacific wargame part 2

Pacific Game

So our Pacific theatre game is getting there and for the last few weeks here's what we have been up to...

P.S.   Storage Tip:
If you are stuck for storage and you like he taste of Ferro Roche chocolate - the empty boxes are a great fit for 28mm  LVT's...LOL

US LVT  Pacific

So with them safe in storage we moved to Sherman tanks....

First we needed to find a M4a2 Sherman. The Warlord Games version has all the extra armour on it....so we couldn't use it for our island.

There are some great online pics for some great inspiration...especially the Tanks in Hell book.


So we once again took to the 3d printer. I found a file and started printing . It was printed in three parts turret, chassis and tracks.

So the first tank I printed was actually an logistical error ....I actually thought the Zippo Sherman was used in our battle - but I found out later it wasn't. But it still printed out well and I can always use it later..

Pacific tanks
Check out Thingyverse for 3d prints.

So back to the Sherman M4a2' s...

 So in the picture above the 3d print is sitting next to a Warlord M4a2. You can still see the print lines but a brush with acetone and and then sno pak....and it usually cleans up. So now onto mass production! Well at least 5 more.

28mm Marines
 So these are my six Sherman 3d prints painted (not finished but getting there)..

The actual tanks on our beach game have a very unusual image on the side. See picture below. But strangely the Shermans had no white stars on the vehicle ...these were removed by the Army when the tanks were given to the navy (Marines).
The company then painted their own tank names...

So I had to get creative and get a clear waterslide decal set. The name of the tank crew sits underneath a charging elephant. 

Below: This is a picture of my self made decals with a black background (which can be deleted). I will print these and apply to the tanks.

28mm Marines
More pics of the decals on the tanks below...

Hint - The decals did not work on the clear decal water slide paper The decal disappeared when placed onto the tank. This sometimes occurs when doing home decals -the tank colour overpowered the white and yellow colours. - I then had to redo them on white decal paper and print them with a green background. Then re-paint and weather to match the tank. But they eventually turned out ok.

The green background now needs blended...
28mm Marines

First - i repainted the original tank colour around the elephant and tank name...this took some time and a small brush! Those letters were murder!
28mm Marines

Below: Then I blended the colour back into the tank
28mm Marines

 Picture below has a two pence for scale. The tanks now look very similar to the actual ones used on our beach. I still find it strange that they did not carry the usual white stars. 

We have six complete tanks, two swimmers (upper hull only), an engineers tank, and another two in shell holes (see text below).

Tanks on Tarawa

So next I tried to simulate the tank in the sand/shell hole. For this I took a 3d file of a Sherman and tilted it on two axis in Tinkercad. Then placed  a 3d "hole" underneath it. It turned out ok.

Above - the actual photo of a tank at our battle....

Below a Sherman in the CAD package. I did two Shermans at different angles..
28mm Marines

Below: The 3d print (which will sit in the sea hence the water effects).
Sherman on Tarawa

Below - I then also did some "swimming" Sherman's for game markers as the tanks head towards the beach.

Note the usual rear snorkels kits were not used in our battle. Tanks were "thought " to  be going in at low tide.
28mm Marines

I have now also added some Stuarts to the landing force as back to the Shermans

28mm Marines

So that's were we are at the moment... would welcome comments or any information.

Any thoughts on which island the Shermans and Stuarts are headed for?

We did some Japanese 20mm AA in a enclosure.These are mounted on clear plastic -with some added ammo crates and oil drums.
28mm Marines

28mm Marines